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Gym Challenge #32 - Midseason Showdown BBQ

The summer break is almost here, so let celebrate the closing of incredible 2024 tournament season and all of the awesome trainers that made this year a huge success (that's you)! Join us for the return of our annual Midseason Showdown BBQ. Bring your favorite dish to share with friends and get in some Pokémon battles while we enjoy plenty of food, get some sunshine, and touch grass.


Sunday, May 19, 2024
FREE (Potluck) - Please bring a dish to share with everyone!

10am Registration (no need to signup ahead of time)
11am (approx.) Round 1 Start


This tournament will use the Regulation G Doubles Rules.

The tournament will run on Swiss style rounds, with a Top Cut. Matches will be Best of 3!


We will utilize an open team list format. Players are required to provide a legible and accurate list of the Pokémon that comprise their team. All Pokémon information provided on the team list will be made available to the opponent except for the Pokémon’s stats (Speed, etc.). Fill and print your team list HERE.

Regulation G Format (Full rules can be found at

  • Rental Teams ARE NOT ALLOWED